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The sum of Joey’s experiences guided him to the real estate field before he was fully aware of it. His interest in the field of image branding has kept him ahead of trends and exposed him to the diversity of life. Joey is deeply appreciative of his parent's choosing to raise their family in Encinitas, this beach community shaped him into the person he is today. The board sport culture Joey was influenced by, has had a profound impact on him, it sharpened his creative intellect and introduced him to all types of fascinating people. His interest in sports media ultimately led him to the field of branding. This experience has allowed Joey to be at the forefront of enhancing luxury products through stylistic imagery; empowering his passion to branch out into various interests, including his core business, luxury real estate.

Joey’s parents created the first fine dining restaurant in Leucadia called “When In Rome…”. Being born into the restaurant, he grew up in the public eye and spent his days learning about wine, culture and business. Joey attended St. Johns while they pioneered the fine dining industry. The restaurant was an instant success. He still meets customers at open houses and events that tell him how special When In Rome was to them. A true testament to the hard work and passion his parents poured into the legacy.

His parents’ creative culinary talents and passion for gourmet food made the business a success, it also made Joey realize that he possessed the same creative talents, but not the same passion for food. A group of advertising executives would frequent the restaurant and as fate would have it, Joey was introduced to media design, where he found his passion and creative outlet. So, Joey moved to Portland to study under Mr. Moore’s team and the Weiden+Kennedy group, while attending the Art Institute of Portland.

After art school, Joey spent the summer in Siena, Italy, and received a call from Doug Harwood, a legend in real estate, who would later become his mentor. A few weeks later, Joey was in Doug and Orva’s office in Rancho Santa Fe, assisting them while studying for the real estate exam.

Joey’s ambition and integrity have converged two dreams, allowing him to utilize his talents in both real estate and advertising. He feels very fortunate to be so inspired and fueled by the amazing people in his life. They continue to help him define a luxury branding approach to content creation that captivates, innovates and advances the luxury real estate space.